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Title: Feverous Hellfire
Author: violetdropst
Rating: PG-13
Series: Animated Series
Summary: The sight of fire is so alluring and she can't resist. What's a poor girl to do when temptation calls in her weakest moment?


It was little everyday things that normally didn't affect her. Grabbing her cloak and heading towards the kitchen she pondered when it had all changed. When was she this consumed? Her feelings were now threatening to break loose like never before and she couldn't in all her mediating find out the answer.

Pouring the water into the kettle was routine and soothing. It is the way in the chaos when everything else is bad she can at least find some peace making the drink. This was something she refused to let her powers do for her, even if it was an extension of her. Grabbing the tea packet she let it sit in the mug. Waiting for the whistle to sing its joyous calling she wondered why she was feeling like this lately. Coming up with nothing by the time the kettle sung she poured her tea.

The fire under the kettle was not shut off. Her eyes were suddenly trapped by the glistening flames and nothing had ever felt more important than staring at it. If she could only get closer to them and so she did. Her delicate, bony fingers were slowly working their way not to the knob to shut off the fire but to touch the fire itself. Her eyes reflected the fire as they did that one night. She couldn't resist. It was temptation in all its horrible goodness. The sin was calling her and she wasn't in control anymore.

Her fingers were inches away from the flames. They seemed to be growing and for a second she believed they could and would devour her. Oh to feel the blistering heat and make it burn all these troubles away. At last her hand grasped the flame its intangible heat burning her skin and making her shiver. It was so exciting to see the pale skin darken into red. She couldn't believe how much relief she felt. It was exhilaration in its masochist form.

Suddenly she was tumbling into a real fire, hellfire. It was burning the kitchen, the tower, her. She was dying in the heat and she found she didn't care. It would be so easy to just burn alive to express everything until she was ice again, until it was safe again. She laughed a wicked laugh as she danced in the flames. One side of her was embracing this new found power and she couldn't deny herself any longer. Four eyes matched the four eyes in the flames. Everything was red, burning, and tearing. The ravens were flying around their crows screeching and making her rejoice.

"Welcome home, Princess."

The realization struck her to the core. His voice was vibrating within her soul. It was crushing, burning all her will. Raven stopped in her tracks. Then the voice and the fire were gone. She saw her hand being cradled in a glove. What was going on? Her tea was sitting on the side of the stove and the fire was no more. She looked into Robin's eyes questioningly and then back down to her hand. It was not marred by burn marks, her hand was not leathery or bleeding, instead it was resting in a green glove comfortably.

"You have a fever, Rae."

And with that he led her to sick bay. Except now her hand was burning for he was making the sparks between ignite as he held her hand. This time it wasn't terrible and the next time wouldn't be either.


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