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In the animated series' first season, there were several episodes where Raven bonded or developed actual friendships with her fellow Titans. "Switched" had done so with Starfire, "Nevermore" with Cyborg and Beast Boy, plus 'Car Trouble" as a follow-up with Cyborg. Whatever the reason, there was never a similar episode involving her and Robin. (Technically, one could count "Apprentice Part 2," except it was more of a group effort on the Titans' part.) In which case, why the omission with Robin?

It is highly feasible that the writers simply had other priorities, as per the building of the series mythos and Season 1's Slade arc. In fairness, the writers would eventually correct the matter in subsequent seasons (Season 4, and Season 3, to a lesser extent). Whether said omission was an unintentional oversight, or not, is and continues to be a valid question.

The entry is for fan speculation purposes only (or until the writers or the producers address the subject). Put forth your own theory as to why Season 1 didn't explore the possibility for whatever reason. My analysis/commentary/opining will be on forthcoming Comments.


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