Sep. 7th, 2012

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(X-posted from Forbidden Love.)

Much has been added to the respective comic canons of Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Raven, since the comm was created in 2004. Grayson adopted the Batman identity for a few years and recently resumed his Nightwing identity, Drake forged his own as Red Robin and Raven finally decided her feelings toward Beast Boy (which may or may not be addressed in DC's "New 52" revamp).* Because of such developments, current Robin/Raven or Raven shipper opinion may have changed in the process.

The entry is an Open Discussion of either pairing in a contemporary sense, be it Dick/Raven, Tim/Raven or, for the sake of comic canon and fairness, Garfield/Raven. Discuss and explain the potential and possibilities in light of new or updated characterization and plot events (e.g., "Flashpoint," "New 52"). You may also discuss on whether your opinion has switched or is switching from one male lead to another. As always, mind and respect others' shipper-based opinions, which may be counter to yours.

Nota bene: Moonrise suggested to me that I include the original Forbidden Love link, should anyone be interested. I will update or re-edit the prior entries with the appropriate links, tonight or tomorrow.


*The details are taken from memory, as I'm still re-exploring modern-day DC canon. If anyone wishes to correct me or inform me otherwise, please do.


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