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Robin/Raven Shippers

For fans of the Robin & Raven pairing!

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Name:Robin/Raven Shippers
Website:The Forbidden Love Forum
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The Robin/Raven Community

Welcome to the Robin/Raven community. Please come on in and and enjoy your stay.

Your Moderation Staff


  • Be nice to others.
  • Use Lj-cuts for large images, more than 3 icons, large text posts, or fanfiction.
  • Polls are allowed but must be placed behind an LJ-cut. Mod polls are the only exception and will be left uncut.
  • Tag your entries! The community doesnt use a large amount, just choose from the ones we have. Post to any MOD post to suggest new ones.
  • Credit anything and everything you take.
  • Dont link to journals that are friends only. If you wish to post graphics & etc, please make the post public for a temporary time, or copy/paste it to your community post. Posts that link to friends/members only places will be deleted.
  • No ship bashing. We support Robin/Raven. If you dont, stay out unless you can accept our pairing. Members are not to bash other pairing choices.
  • When posting graphic previews, make certain that your previews include Robin &/or Raven. Posting previews of characters other than the ones a community is specific to is rude.
  • Have fun!


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