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This is a reminder.
Week 001 ends on Tomorrow August 10th 2008!

Still looking for more entries for this contest. We havent gotten anymore in since the last reminder and therefore still cant technically vote.
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We will be starting a small Icon contest here in the community this upcoming week and I am looking for banner makers. Im looking for 2-3 of you. You will be alternating who makes banners when and will only make banners should the contest take off.

Members will have ten days to make their icons and the bannermaker for that week should have their banners made and displayed within 5 days.

If you would like to apply for this position, post to this thread.

Please include the following in your application.

Graphic Journal: (if applicable)
Do you mod at other commnities? (If yes, list where)
Do you make graphics for other communities? (If yes, list where)
Please make a banner for this icon. Banner needs to have the following: Community name, Week ###, Winner's name, Theme.

For the purposes of this post, You can just put the same things I wrote for the requirements. There is no real winner, or theme.. You guys understand. Also, we are using an old icon of mine as the example since I dont have the free time at the moment to fabricate a new one.

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