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Mostly RobRae-centric, of course. It's part of a larger icon set so I apologize in advance for making you scroll past Rescuers and CCS to get the the RobRae icons. ^^;


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I've been sitting here with this blank-ish icon for the past day now and I can't quite think of something funny to put in there for myself. So, I figured I would take requests of what you would like in the speech bubbles (if you'd like), and I'd put them up as soon as they were ready. It can be absolutely anything, no limitations (besides the size of the bubble). All you need to do is fill out the poll and then comment this entry so I can respond with your icon!

Icon: Photobucket

I'll be using Comic Book font, anyways, so it'll look more authentic than crappy, I assure you.

[Poll #1236240]
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Six of these are actually from an uncompleted (and thus dropped) claim for [livejournal.com profile] 10variations. I was working with this cap and, as much as I love Robin and Raven's tender moment, dark caps are a pain to work with sometimes. Anyway, enough rambling! To the icons!


Link to the post in my graphic journal~ (Not friends-locked :D)
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(12) Avatar: The Last Airbender (Season 3 Spoilers)
-->(4) Toph
-->(2) Gen.
-->(1) Sokka & Katara
-->(2) Katara
-->(3) Azula
(7) Beyblade
(8) Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Dawn/Spike] (1) Dawn/Spike/Buffy
(1) Flight 29 Down [Eric/Nathan]
(8) Phil of the Future [Phil/Keeley(4), Phil(3), Diffy's(1)]
(17) Roswell [Polar]
(4) Kenshin [Sano/Kaoru]
(17) Teen Titans [Robin/Raven(13), Raven(4)]
(10) The Spill Canvas [BAND]


Samples Samples Samples

(Fake cut to my icon community)
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I bring you icons! Credit if using, blah blah blah.

Non-Teen Titans

Teen Titans
[3] Robin III
[15] Raven

01.Image hosting by Photobucket 08.Image hosting by Photobucket 13.Image hosting by Photobucket

This cut is actually real. )
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Because Robin/Raven needs love:

 (X6) Teaser:

ETA: Decided Robin/Raven needed more love and made the same icon in different hues.

If used credit [profile] littlebratt

1 Icon

Dec. 13th, 2005 05:11 pm
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1 Animated Raven/Nightwing Icon

  • Comment if you take it! (or comment if you like it!)
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  • Raven/Nightwing Icons: 01
  • Raven/Robin Icons: 01
  • Fan Art: 01

If you take PLEASE credit me! Enjoy!

...Just Kiss Me... )

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Two icons from "The End" episodes. I'm putting them under a cut so as not to spoil anyone who does not wish to be, er spoiled. If you take one of them please credit me. That is all.

Icons )

Icon number two makes me giggle!
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