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Okay, so after a few days (and less than 24 hours left), we have a rousing total of zero icons entered in Week 01: Burnin' Love.

Therefore, I have decided to extend the challenge until next Friday, December 12 @ 6PM GMT 8+. One extra week to play around with the lyrics sounds about good to me. :) So please submit!

Your icontest mod,
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I'm in an Elvis Presley mood today. (And yes, I know I'm early. :D) So our very first theme is...
Lyrical: Burning Love

Out of the following lyrics, you must use at least three (3) consecutive words as your icon text. After (or before) those three words, feel free to play around as you wish with your text. Liberties such as changing "and" for "&" are also allowed.

You're gonna set me on fire! )
- You may submit a maximum number of five (5) icons.
- They must be made "fresh" for this icontest (meaning no reusing old icons).
- They must follow Lj's standards (under 40kb, etc).
- Icons must be either feature Robin, Raven or Robin/Raven. Only official art, screenshots and scans from the Titans Go comic are allowed. Please no fanart.
- When submitting, include the img src of the icon and the URL:

This theme will end on Friday, December 12th @ 6PM (GMT 8+). Have fun with it and advertise this to all your fellow Rob/Rae shippers! Any questions? Feel free to ask in this post.
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Greetings everyone! I'm the new mod in charge of the icontest around here and I would like to give you a rundown of how our timeline will go.

Timezone: I will be using the GMT 8+ timezone so if we don't live on the same longitude, I suggest using the Time Zone Converter to find out what times you'll need to remember.

Day & Time:Event(s):
Monday (6PM GMT 8+)New theme posted + results of previous week
Friday (6PM GMT 8+)Theme closed + voting post
Note: There might be some weeks where I might be a little late with posting. Please bear with me on those weeks. :)

These will range from image provided, word themes, lyrical themes and anything else I can think of. :) If there's a theme that you would like to suggest, just comment on this post (comments are screened).

You may submit a maximum number of five (5) icons. They must be made "fresh" for this icontest (meaning no reusing old icons) and follow Lj's standards. When submitting, include the img src of the icon, the URL and (only the weeks when we have two themes) the theme you are submitting under.

Theme: First

As stated above, the voting post will be open from Friday (6PM) until the following Monday. Members will have chance to vote for the top three and a special category. Members of the comm may vote even if they did not enter the icontest. More the merrier! :D However, you may NOT ask your friends to vote for you. I believe that's called cheating.

Results and Banners:
Once voting is closed, I will be posting a public comment on the voting post to say so and then post the results. If the winners would like a banner, I will have to ask for the following: (This is so that I can make better banners that match your winning icon.)
Original Image:
Font used:
Any major textures/effects used:

The future home of the icontest archive )

In closing, I would like to encourage you all to participate and have fun in the icontest! :) Advertise the comm to your fellow shippers, whether they be graphic-makers or not. No starting drama or flaming. :) Have fun!


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