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Week 000

Alright.. take two.. I dont know why the poll didnt want to work right at first. Those who voted, please revote. ^.^;;
Poll inside )
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There will not be a fanfiction prompt this week. Only one person has decided to write for any of them, and I thank them.. but no one else seems to care. And no one has applied to be a banner maker so the icon contest is currently on hold because I dont have the time to be the bannermaker for that.

And now, a poll. Answer 150% truthfully.

[Poll #1219273]
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The purpose of this poll will be to find what contests interest people. Choose contests that you will actually enter.. not just that you would like to see. Feel free to comment with those you wish to see happen.. but only vote on what you would actively participate in.

I have yet to decide what kind of prizes these would have.. but remember, the point of this is to get the community moving again and keep it active, not to reward people.. so for now, pretend there are no prizes.. even though there will be. ^.^

Suggestions are very welcomed, please comment with any you have.

Depending on what contests will be made, will also depend on any new hiring of mods for the comm.

[Poll #1190362]
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People are funny. Some like to lurk, some post, some comment.. but mostly everyone will take a poll.. so thats what purpose this serves.

Ill probably add it to the rules in a bit.. but polls are allowed and welcomed, however, I should mention that only Mod polls are allowed to not be behind an lj-cut.. so if you post a poll.. use a cut kay?

[Poll #1187449]


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