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So, you all know that this community is affiliated with the Forbidden Love Forum. Basically, this community acts as another way for us to get together. We admin, are horrid at remembering to update the community however, so coming by the forum is usually a really smart idea.

We decided to take things another step further. We thought it would be awesome to have a Facebook page where we can post links to new topics for us to discuss. You don't have to be a member of the forum to like the page, but it would probably help since so much of the content on the page will be related to the forum.

You can reach our facebook page here:

If you are still not a member of Forbidden Love and would like to be, you can join up here.

Also, we have a livejournal community & a dreamwidth community.
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I have been posting discussion posts for these shorts over at Forbidden Love for weeks now as they air. I've been finding the shorts, uploading them to my personal youtube account, and then posting them there for us to chat about. I don't know why I didn't think to post them here as well.

I add the new videos to this playlist as I upload them, so you can subscribe to my channel. If you are a member at Forbidden Love, stop by and chat with us! We would love to see you!


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